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Our CARExpress membership programs provides a variety of benefits to our members, businesses and association, and healthcare providers and provider networks.

Benefits to Members.  Our CARExpress membership programs are attractive to our members because our programs provide them with access to a variety of healthcare products and services at discounted prices.  Membership in our CARExpress membership programs is unrestricted and provides benefits to individuals who, because of their medical history, age, occupation or financial condition, are unable to obtain health insurance. Our CARExpress membership programs cover each person in the member’s immediate family and can be used as often as they wish. In addition, unlike many insurance or managed care programs, members have no paperwork or claims to prepare and no waiting periods.

Benefits to Unions, Associations and Businesses.  Our CARExpress membership programs are attractive to unions, associations, businesses and other organizations with large numbers of members or employees because our programs can assist these organizations in their efforts to attract and retain members and employees by enabling them to offer a more complete healthcare benefits package.  Similarly, as competition among HMOs for participants intensifies, we believe that our CARExpress membership programs will enable HMOs to offer a more complete array of potential healthcare benefits. 

Benefits to Healthcare Providers and Provider Networks. Our CARExpress membership programs are attractive to physicians, hospitals and other healthcare providers because our programs help healthcare providers and provider networks increase their customer base. In addition, healthcare providers are paid at the time of service, reducing the billing procedures and cost associated with insurance and allowing the provider to immediately collect payment. Our CARExpress membership programs are also attractive to provider networks because they increase the likelihood that healthcare providers will affiliate with them so as to gain access to a greater number of potential customers and patients.

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