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CARExpress “Wrap-around” Program. Our CARExpress membership programs can be combined with various types of insurance products that enable clients to offer a fully integrated healthcare package. The use of insurance products in conjunction with our CARExpress membership programs can provide an affordable solution to individuals and groups who previously could not afford fully inclusive medical plans, and can provide greater assurance of payment to the healthcare providers. These products can be bundled, priced and marketed utilizing relationship marketing strategies or direct marketing to target the profiled needs of the clients’ particular member base.

Insurance products that are suitable for combination with our CARExpress membership programs include:

Catastrophic Health Insurance. This type of insurance usually takes the form of a high deductible major medical policy in which the insurance company pays nothing until expenditures reach a threshold that is typically between $2,500 and $20,000. A consumer may use one of our CARExpress membership programs to reduce his or her out-of-pocket costs until he or she reaches the deductible amount and then use the insurance for all additional expenses.
Mini-Med Programs. Mini-Med programs are insurance options offered by insurance companies that restrict claim losses by limiting the amount of insurance that can be paid. For example, the amount of insurance that would be payable to an individual for a particular outpatient hospital procedure could be limited to $1,000. Our CARExpress membership programs can be designed as a supplement to insurance companies’ Mini-Med programs. The consumer can use CARExpress to reduce their out-of-pocket costs and use the Mini-Med program to reimburse them a fixed amount per visit.

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) were created by Public Law 108-173, the “Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement and Modernization Act of 2003,” signed into law by President Bush on December 8, 2003. Health Savings Accounts change the way millions meet their health care needs because they help individuals save for qualified medical and retiree health expenses on a tax-advantaged basis. Any adult who is covered by a high-deductible health plan (and has no other first-dollar coverage) may establish an HSA. Tax-advantaged contributions can be made in three ways: (i) the individual or family can make tax deductible contributions to the HSA even if they do not itemize deductions; (ii) the individual’s employer can make contributions that are not taxed to either the employer or the employee; and (iii) employers sponsoring cafeteria plans can allow employees to contribute untaxed salary through salary reduction. Amounts contributed to an HSA belong to the account holder and are completely portable. Funds in the account can grow tax-free through investment earnings, just like an IRA. Funds distributed from the HSA are not taxed if they are used to pay qualified medical expenses. Unlike amounts in Flexible Spending Arrangements that are forfeited if not used by the end of the year, unused funds remain available for use in later years.

Our CARExpress membership programs can be designed as a supplement to HSA programs. Consumers can use our CARExpress programs to reduce their out-of-pocket costs when they use their HSA funds to pay qualified medical expenses.

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